Massage is one of the oldest healing therapies and still remains very popular in most cultures around the world. Massage assists the body’s natural ability to heal itself on all levels and fosters a piece of mind and perfect feeling of well being.

At our salon we use a wide range of 100% natural and organic pure massage oils and blends. And we do consider your own preferences: whether it is pure macadamia or coconut oil or one of our amazing blends created to uplift, re-balance or re-energise.

We offer pregnancy massage treatments where our full range of services can be customised to suit your needs. All our treatments are performed by qualified massage therapist.

Relaxation \ Therapeutic Massage

With the fine selection of aromatherapy blends this full body massage is the perfect way to bring balance back into your life, reduce muscular pain and stiffness, alleviate stress and fatigue.

Price Range

30 mins $40
1 hr $75
1 hr 30 mins $115
2 hrs $150

Hot Stone Massage

Truly amazing experience. Heated stones help to work deeper into tired muscles, relieving aches and tension. The heat of the stones is both deeply relaxing and worming for tight muscles making it a highly therapeutic treatment.

Price Range

1 hr $90
1 hr 30 mins $130
2 hrs $160

Foot Reflexology

Apart from being one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have, it is also one of the strongest stress relieving treatments and a great way to uplift the whole body and mind.

Price Range

30 mins $50

Indian Head Massage

This ancient massage is excellent for stress and tension relieve, energy balance and hair growth. It involves upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp for a truly unwinding experience.

Price Range

30 mins $45

Indian Head Massage + Foot Reflexology

Combine both the Indian Head Massage and Foot Reflexology into one treatment to receive an ultimate relaxation treatment.

Price Range

1 hr $90