Let go of the stress and pamper your skin with these popular beauty rituals… Help your skin look and feel better and give your self-image a boost in the process. Combined with the complimentary back massage, feet or hands massage of your choice, these treatments will not just rejuvenate your skin but relax and distress your whole body and mind.

For all our facials we use boutique range of products that possess unique qualities and give wonderful results. We offer treatment programs designed for your personal skin type or condition using these amazing products and also recommend competitively priced products to purchase for use at home in between salon visits.

LED Skin Rejuvenation Therapy can be added to any facial for only extra $30.

Phyt’s Facials

Experience the luxury, potency and uniqueness of PHYT’S certified organic professional Facial Treatments. All 100% pure and natural. A powerhouse of goodness in each individually sealed ampoule. PHYT’S facials are guaranteed to bring radiance to your skin with it’s active ingredients right from the field and create results that you deserve.

Microcurrent Facials

Microcurrent treatment is known to be the most effective non-surgical method to take years off the face. The procedure triggers chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits and re-educate muscles of the face.

The effects of microcurrent are immediate and cumulative. Clients go through a series of treatments followed by regular maintenance to keep a more youthful appearance. Each time a treatment is performed the new contour maintains its position better and longer. The number of sessions required to provide maximum benefit depends on the client age and skin condition.

Phyt’s Facials

Soin Equilibre

Brightens – Balancing – Detoxifying – Hydrating

Introduction to chemical free beauty treatments. Suits all skin types, clears and detoxifies.

45 mins $75

Soin Anti-Comedon

Detoxifying – Decongesting – Balances Sebum

Combination of essential oils & minerals, fights back blackheads, leaves skin fresh and smooth.

1 hr $110

Soin Capyl

Relieves Congestion – Relieves Redness – Soothing

Designed to tone down redness and soothe the most sensitive of skins.

1 hr $110

Soin Energie Vitale

Revitalising – Stimulating – Detoxifying

Combination, dehydrated, devitalized skin. Ideal for winter, after sun exposure, change of season

1 hr $110

Soin Oligo-Vital

Remineralising – Nourishing – Anti-Ageing

Cocktail of essential oils & minerals to nourish, remineralise & moisturise prematurely ageing skin.

1 hr 15 mins $125

Soin d’O

Stimulating – Invigorating – Toning – Anti-Ageing

The ultimate anti-ageing treatment for dull, dry, wrinkled skin, which needs nourishment.

1 hr 15 mins $130

Soin Multi-Vita

Lifts – Firms – Anti-Age – Regenerates – Mineralising

A cocktail of vitamins & active ingredients, fights ageing, particularly suitable for a mature, dry wrinkled skin lacking tonicity. Soin Multi-Vita will diminish visible signs of fine lines.

1 hr 30 mins $169

Soin Aqua Phyt’s

Moisture Boost – Skin Plumping – Ultra Hydrating

Rich in hyaluronic acid, assists in moisture retention, plumping, smoothing and hydrating skin.

1 hr 15 mins $130

Soin Phyt’ssima

Extreme Moisture – Soothing – Restorative-Calming

Ultimate in skin nutrition for extreme dryness & sensitivity due to dryness. Nourishes & soothes.

1 hr 15 mins $148

Soin Phyt’s Men

Oxygenating – Calming – Revitalising – Refreshing

Refreshing, stimulating scents & adapted textures for men’s skin. Detoxifying, softening & radiant.

1 hr $95

Soin White Bio-active

Brightening – Lightening – Moisturising

A natural approach to treat skin pigmentation. We recommend a 6 treatment course

1 hr 15 mins $145

Microcurrent Facials

Cocktail Lift

45 mins $119

Age Defying Facial

90 mins $199

Turbo Lift Facial

45 mins $115

Platinum Peptide Facial

45 mins $115

Invisible expression Facial

45 mins $115

Signature Facial

30 mins $89

Acne Facial

For optimal results, your Acne Facial may be enhanced by an extraction. Your clinician will advise you of any extraction options and charges during your consultation

30 mins $89

Platinum Hand Renewal Treatment

20 mins $59